Welcome to Folly Hill

Upon accepting a place at Folly Hill Infant School, you will receive an invitation to visit the school with your child.  This will provide a chance to meet the staff and learn about the journey your child is about to embark upon.  Each parent will receive a pack of information providing essential forms, a breakdown of the induction procedure as well as essential information about school policies and procedures.

Initial Visits

It is important that your child has the opportunity to visit the school, meet their teachers and explore their new environment.  With this in mind we arrange three visits in the summer term prior to your child starting school.  The first visit takes place during the school day at an allocated time, this allows parents to join their child to explore the Early Years environment and meet the teaching team.  We then arrange two further visits where the children come alone to experience a session with their teacher and get to know the other members of their class.  We find this helps the children to become confident in their new environment and allows a smooth transition to starting school in September.   While the children are exploring their new surroundings the parents will have an opportunity to buy second hand uniform, and listen to short talks from the head teacher, class teacher, school secretary and our PTA (The Friends).  We also encourage you to sign up for a story time session and a home visit.

Home Visits

These take place during the first week of the school term before the children start full time school.  Home visits give the parents the chance to ask questions and discuss anything specific to their child’s transition to starting school.  It also allows teachers to meet the children in their home environment and learn about their individual interests.


Please click on the link below for some pictures of Folly Hill that you can share with your child.

Starting Folly Hill School 2020