The School Council come together to meet every other week to discuss important issues and upcoming events.  

The children report back to their classes the issues that have been discussed in each meeting.

School Council  2017-2018

We have spoken to the school about our values, anti-bullying, raising money for charities and persevering.  This year we are raising money for local charities, CSSEF, Help4Harry and Phyllis Tuckwell.

In November two of us went to the memorial service in Gostrey Meadow to lay a wreath and have tea with the Mayor.

Some of us went and had lunch at Badshot Lea Village School and discussed with their school council how they run lunchtime.

Then, we went to Potters Gate school and talked to Hale, Badshot Lea, and William Cobbett schools about their lunchtimes. We came back with a few ideas on how to improve our lunchtimes at Folly Hill.