Learning Outside the Classroom Statement


At Folly Hill Infant school, we want all children to have the opportunity to learn through a wide range of first hand experiences. That throughout their time at Folly hill they will be excited by their learning experiences, be inspired to try new things and develop interests in new things. Through the use of outdoor learning, we intend for the children to become passionate and knowledgeable about the environment and how we can look after it.


Our whole curriculum is based on making learning exciting and interactive, offering our children a wide variety of opportunities to learn outside the classroom. The use of our school grounds, local environment and trips further afield alongside visitors to the school are part and parcel of our day-to-day teaching and learning. On average 3 lessons a week, in each class, are required to be taught in the school grounds. In reality children are outside far more often for their learning. Each half term the topic is often introduced with a ‘wow’ day, which is learning outside the classroom either in the form of a field trip or visitor to the school. We take every opportunity to offer children enhancements to their learning. Children will watch visiting theatre groups and musicians. Visit local artists, a church and castle, and have the chance to have coaching from visiting sports coaches among many other opportunities. As part of out RHSE we teach the children about caring for our environment, what we can do to help our local and global environment.


Children will be passionate about their learning, excited to try new things and discover interests and skills to develop further. They will develop a love of and feeling of responsibility towards our local and global environment.

Outdoor learning policy