Here at Folly Hill Infants school we teach mathematics so that our pupils develop their understanding and enjoyment. As a school, we have adopted the ‘mastery’ approach to our planning and teaching of maths, where we aim to develop deep mathematical understanding through the use of concrete (practical) apparatus. Where possible we apply maths to everyday life. Our ultimate aim is for our children to become inquisitive, independent and enthusiastic learners.


 Year 1 Autumn Scheme of Learning              Year 1 Spring Scheme of Learning                 Year 1 Summer Scheme of Learning

Year 2 Autumn Scheme of Learning               Year 2 Spring Scheme of learning                  Year 2 Summer Scheme of Learning


Maths Progression Maps

Statistics * Alegbra * Geometry * Measurement * Fraction * Multiplication and Division * Addition and Subtraction * Place Value


Progression in calculation