Folly Hill School is an infant primary school on the north side of Farnham, Surrey for boys and girls between the ages of four and seven years. Built in 1973 in a residential area next to Farnham  Park, the school consists of three classrooms sharing two activity rooms and a central library area. The spacious hall is used for PE, Movement, Drama and Musical activities as well as doubling as a Dining Hall. Meals are cooked on the premises by our dedicated chef. Folly Hill Infant School is one of the primary schools in the area that has Enhanced Healthy Schools accreditation.

Folly Hill Infant School is the smallest infant school in the area and there is a strong feeling of community and family at the school. All teachers and staff know every child and each is recognised as an individual with a variety of needs. Specialising in early years education, we provide planned learning experiences to promote the development of the skills, concepts and knowledge upon which a child’s later education can be based.

We hope to develop a close partnership with you in order that your child may acquire the attitudes and skills needed to progress through school life happily and successfully. We believe that children should be encouraged to become independent learners and to develop their full potential. To this end the personality of the child in all its aspects must be nurtured with a careful blend of physical and intellectual development combined with a social, moral, cultural and spiritual awareness.

Parents are always welcome to look around the school. It is in fact the best way for you to gain some idea of the caring atmosphere and ethos of the school, especially if you can visit during the day when you can meet the children and staff in their normal working environment. Please telephone on 01252 716121 to arrange a convenient time. We look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely

Alison Stone